Young People’s Poetry and Short Story Competition Winners 2018

The Young People’s Poetry and Short Story Competition once again received lots of brilliant entries, which came from schools and individuals across the region. As always, picking the winners was difficult, as the standard of entries was extremely high.


Year 7, 8, 9:
1st: Elizabeth Sykes – Soldiers’ (Wakefield Girls’ High School)
2nd: Solomon Ambler-Danyluk – Thy Love (North Halifax Grammar School)
3rd: Eva Barraclough – The Container (Appleton Academy)
Highly Commended: Lucia Jesson – Beauty and the Beast (Appleton Academy)

Year 10, 11:
1st: Alyssa Benn – Tidal (Appleton Academy)
2nd: Henna Ravjibhai – The Key to a Thousand Worlds (Appleton Academy)
3rd: Rebecca Adams – My Angel (Appleton Academy)
Highly Commended: Eleanor Hulbert: Society (Beacon Academy)

Year 12, 13:
1st: Ramanvir Sangha: Separate Not Equal, A Scar for a Lie (Hanson School)
2nd: Annabelle Fuller: Ink Runs in Her Veins

Short Story:

Year 7, 8, 9:
1st: Bet Ellis (Skipton Girls High School)
2nd: Connie Hawley – The Scrape of the Sword (Skipton Girls High School)
3rd: Elora Wanty – Forever Haunted
Highly Commended: Fathima Hissain (Skipton Girls High School)
Highly Commended: Amaara Khan – Lost (Skipton Girls High School)
Highly Commended: Natneal Daniel – The Ancient Path (Springwell Academy)
Highly Commended: Sam Hammerton – Homeland (Appleton Academy)
Highly Commended:Hope O’Nions (Springwell Academy)

Year 10,11:
1st: Zoe Man – Autocorrect (Harrogate Ladies College)
2nd: Sheldon Armitage – The Burning House (Springwell Academy)
3rd: Hale Salman – Nostalgia (Appleton Academy)

Year 12, 13
1st: Annabelle Fuller – To The Filter

Congratulations to all the prize winners and well done to everyone that sent in an entry, the judges had a difficult time choosing the best! The winners were invited to read their work at the Cool Voices Club Night during the Festival.

The Young People’s competitions will open for entries in spring 2019.