Children’s Poetry Competition Winners 2016

With dozens of fanstastic entries to chose from, the judges of the 2016 Children’s poetry competition were blown away by the quality of writing, making picking the winners a very difficult task indeed!

The winners of the 2016 Children’s Poetry Competition are:


1. Isabelle Cummins, Hawksworth CE Primary School

2. Alice Thornton, Hawksworth CE Primary School

3. Pippa Lewis, Hawksworth CE Primary School

Commended: Ava Hamilton, Hawksworth CE Primary School

Year 1/2

1. Imogen Meehan, Hawksworth CE Primary School

2. Lola Bellamy-Armstrong, Hawkworth CE Primary School

3. Jasmine Holmes, Bradford Grammar

Commended: Katy Hinchcliffe, Bradford Grammar School and Aycan Akhtar, Bradford Grammar School

Year 3/4

1. Roesanna Williams, Ashlands Primary School

2. Rachel Smyth, Ashlands Primary School

3. Tom Gray, Ashlands Primary School

Commended: Emma Dudley, Ashlands Primary School and Charlie Cellinge, Ashlands Primary School

Year 5/6

1.Hannah Brigg, Rowley Lane J.I.and N school

2. Megan Turner, Moorlands Primary School

3.Finn, St.Roberts Priamry School

Commended: Daniel Wood, Sacred Heart Primary School and Ahmed Z Khan, Bradford Grammar School

Congratulations to all the winners and well done to everyone that entered for writing such fantastic poems! The winners were invited to read their poems at Dominic Berry’s Aaaaaaaagh Dinosaurs show at Ilkley Literature Festival in October 2016.
The Children’s Poetry Competition will open for 2017 entries in the spring.