Young People’s Poetry and Short Story Competition Winners 2017

The Young People’s Poetry and Short Story Competition once again received lots of brilliant entries, which came from schools and individuals across the region. As always, picking the winners was difficult, as the standard of entries was extremely high.


Year 8:
1st: Elizabeth Sykes – Amyclae(Wakefield Girls’ High School)
2nd: Solomon Ambler-Danyluk – Predator or Prey(North Halifax Grammar School)
3rd: Matthew Patterson – My Trip to China(Kettlethorpe High School)

Year 9:
1st: Rhys Leadbeater – Refugee(Appleton Academy)

Year 10:
1st: Bethanie Warboys – I Don’t Love You (The Mount School)
2nd: Joshua Brooks – Trees
3rd: Zoe Wolstenholme – Greed (Ryburn Valley High School)
Highly Commended: Kroylen Casey – Adrenaline(Stonegate Springwell Academy), Noah Butterfield – Gasping For Air, Jessie Guide-Nye – (no title),  Inayah Sultana – You Scandalous Devil(Ryburn Valley High School)

Year 11:
1st (Joint): Rosalind Cooper – Bearer (The Mount School) and Francesca Wills – Mapping Life(Ilkley Grammar School)
2nd: Mollie Merrifield – Cat
3rd: Maya Carey – Yerma(Ryburn Valley High School)

Year 12:
1st: Annabelle Fuller – Love-Lure (Gateways School)
2nd Place: Sophie Crabtree – Tide In, Tide Out (Appleton Academy)

Year 13:
1st: Isabel Hazel Wood – Eggshells
2nd:: Eleanor Morris – A Memoir (Skipton Girls’ High School)

Short Story:

Year 7:
1st: Amelia Turner – What Have I Done?
2nd: Salma Mahmood – Blinded by the Ocean
3rd: Ella Eastwood – not title
Highly Commended: Fridaus Arshad – Solow, Eleanor Swain – Lost Soul (Skipton Girls’ High School)

Year 8:
1st: Sophie Elizabeth Fuller – no title (Kettlethorpe High School)
2nd: Elizabeth Sykes – The Red Stain (Wakefield Girls’ High School)
3rd: Bet Ellis – Fields of Blood (Skipton Girls’ High School)
Highly Commended: Isobel Lofthouse – Haunted (The Mount School), Lucy Willis – no title (Kettlethorpe High School)

Year 9:
1st: Ellie Appleyard – (not title)(Wakefield Indepedent)
2nd (joint): Jenna Mae Wilson – Thirty Years Ago (Skipton Girls’ High School) and Amelia Morrey – not title
3rd: Sam Barker – The Whistle (Wakefield Independent)
Highly Commended: Saffron Iona Ingham – The Moonlight(Skipton Girls’ High School)

Year 10:
1st: Evie Perkins – Ava Grace (Ryburn Valley High School)
2nd: Elizabeth Safonkina – We Should Have Stayed Put(provided home address)
3rd (joint): Zoe Man – The Lens’ Reflection (Harroage Ladies’ College)and Ella Whiteside-Smith – Patient 705318(Ryburn Valley High School)

Year 11:
1st: Charlotte Beedan – (not title)(Ryburn Valley High School)
2nd Place: Sarah Planchak – And Then It Was Me(Harrogate Ladies’ College)
3rd Place: Alyssa Benn – Canvas (Appleton Academy)

Congratulations to all the prize winners and well done to everyone that sent in an entry, the judges had a difficult time choosing the best! The winners were invited to read their work at the Cool Voices Club Night during the Festival.

The Young People’s competitions will open for entries in spring 2018.