Louise Goult

'Spark' texile artwork by Louise Goult


Spark is not only a burning particle but also a data processing computer programme, providing a data processing structure. Developing the idea of a structure in which to process information this textile artwork is supported by a wooden structure, holding and supporting the fabric. The mainstream meaning of spark is explored with a variety of synonyms hand embroidered across the background in a selection of bright colours often found in sparks. Fleck of metallic thread are scattered across the background representing actual sparks from a flame. Embedded into the background are scorched marks created with a soldering iron.

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About the Artist

Louise Goult

Louise Goult is a textile artist, creating contemporary pieces of artwork inspired by relationships and memories between people and the world around them. Her work is often based upon research, using the quirky and often overlooked to inform the final outcome. The work she creates contains a narrative for which the use of materials are essential to further communicate the story behind the work. She often uses non-traditional materials including wood, metal and found items. Much of her art contains preloved materials, this adds to the narrative leading Louise to consider who used them before and why – these musings often affect the final work created. In work strongly connected to place, she loves to use natural dyes to colour the materials; strengthening the relationship of the work to the place that inspired it.

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Link #2 ‘reactions’

Cat’s Wool’ by Daniel Potts

Click to listen to ‘Cat’s Wool’ on Soundcloud

“Louise’s work employs an expression of a data processing programme as a frame, and it frames material which expresses notions of sparks. My piece, Cat’s Wool, takes this idea of data processing and expresses this in the left hand/ bass of the piano music, which is reminiscent of the music of J.S. Bach (a highly mathematical composer). The right hand/ treble of the piano music expresses the spark synonyms and flecks in the material, as it is jaunty and plosive. On the whole, I was reminded of a cat playing with and batting about a ball of wool, because of the plosive flecks and the use of textile.”

About the artist

Daniel Potts is Leeds born and bred. He is a composer, writer and bass guitarist.


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