Mary Morris & Bridey Addison-Child


“Spark” is associated with multiple images. Burning embers, floods of light, warm, orange glows. Sparks burn when we meet new people. When our cheeks flush with anger. Tiny glimpses of light suddenly imploding. So where do they begin? When do sparks turn into fire? And can sparks be too bright?

This project combines an array of voices and sounds, generating visceral imagery to explore the nature of sparks.

Producers: Mary Morris & Bridey Addison-Child

Composition: Patch Middleton

Voices: Tess Davison, Patch Middleton, Hannah Graham, Torquil Hall, Ishmael Thomas, Elle Money, Sophie McRae and Natalie Anastasia Davies.

About the artists

Mary Morris

Mary Morris is an arts facilitator from Leeds. She has worked as a freelance facilitator since 2018, working alongside leading arts charities delivering participatory arts projects. Notable charities include TiPP Manchester, Tandem Theatre, N.I.A.M.O.S Manchester and Fall into Place.

Bridey Addison-Child

Bridey Addison-Child is an award-winning audio producer and sound artist from Leeds. They were a resident artist at the Roundhouse in Camden and BBC 1Xtra Words First poet. In 2020 they won Silver for Best New Producer at the Audio Production Awards.

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That’s fantastic! Getting involved couldn’t be easier. Once you have your idea for creating a second link and have filmed, recorded, photographed or written your response, all you have to do is send an email to with the following information:

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