Sile Sibanda

‘Now I am brave enough’

Now I am brave enough is a spoken word piece written and performed by Sile Sibanda.

Sile wanted her piece to show gratitude to Amanda Gorman for inspiring her to dream big and know that poetry has the power to be a catalyst to spark conversations, and how Sile can make the world better through her work and how she can get through the suffering and remember to find inner peace in the activities she finds joy in doing.

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About the artist

Sile Sibanda is a spoken word performer, radio and stage presenter, events and Q&A host. She has been involved in creative and community projects for many years. She has been a children’s university ambassador, speaking in various events including the House of Lords. She has been an active part of the Writing Collective Hive and hosted open mics and events for Hive over the last few years. She has hosted Harms of Hate Event in Rotherham, Diversity Festival at the Rotherham Show 2 years running. Whilst studying Forensic Science with Psychology at Derby University, she became the co-host of their Live Open Day Facebook show and represented Derby University at the Poetry Slam Competition in Birmingham.

In 2019 she won the BBC Radio Sheffield This is Me competition and subsequently became the host of the evening show on BBC Radio Sheffield. Sile is passionate about reading books from different countries, diverse authors and genres, and writing whilst listening to Jazz. She also loves the outdoors and travelling.

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