23. WritersMosaic: Love Supreme in Life and Art – LIVE-STREAMED

‘Peace and Love’ is a greeting popularised by Bob Marley and Rastafari. Marley believed that protest songs were important but fundamentally proved that love songs are the tap root of life. It’s a notion that’s captured in the Hopi word ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, which means a life out of balance. The Hopi way invites us to enter a love portal to rebalance our lives and realign with love. But how do you write about love in ways that convey its power and transcends limited beliefs and expectations propagated in the arts?

Dawn Cameron is joined by the poet and resilience coach Shamshad Khan, author and poet John Siddique, and the historian and director of WritersMosaic, Colin Grant, to discuss how love is manifest in their writing and what it takes them to get aligned.


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Event Details

    • Date: Saturday 16th October
    • Time: 3:00 pm
  • VenueLive-Streamed Event
  • Price£10.00/£5.00 concessions

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