Kerri ní Dochartaigh: Thin Places

Kerri ní Dochartaigh was born in Derry, on the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, at the very height of the Troubles. One parent was Catholic, the other was Protestant. When she was eleven, a homemade petrol bomb was thrown through her bedroom window.

In Thin Places, a mixture of memoir, history and nature writing, Kerri explores how nature kept her sane and helped her heal, how violence and poverty are never more than a stone’s throw from beauty and hope, and how we are, once again, allowing our borders to become hard, and terror to creep back in.

Interview by author and journalist, Yvette Huddleston.

Pre-recorded event. Run time: 48 mins. You can watch the event on demand until 30 April.


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    • Date: Friday 30th April
    • Time: 11:59 pm
  • VenueDigital Event
  • PriceFREE
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