Lev Parikian: Tangled Banks & Disappearing Birds

It’s often said that Britain is a nation of nature lovers; but what does that really mean?

Lev Parikian explores the many, and particular, ways that he, and we, experience the natural world in his two latest books: Why Do Birds Suddenly Disappear? and Into The Tangled Banks. Parikian takes us on a journey that celebrates our collective relationship with the natural world, what it might mean to be a nature lover in Britain today, and reminds us to find adventure in life and regain contact with the sights, sounds and smells of the natural world.

Interview by writer and poet James Nash.

Pre-recorded event. Run time: 48 mins. You can watch the event on demand until 30 April.


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Event Details

    • Date: Friday 30th April
    • Time: 11:59 pm
  • VenueDigital Event
  • PriceFREE
  • Digital Event

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