Morgan Sproxton, What She Said

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About the Micro-Commission

“Will they go to prison? Do they go to prison if they don’t tell the truth? Can you take your pet to prison? Can you take your unicorn?”

It’s been a confusing time. You get the information. You pass the information on in a way that doesn’t frighten your children. You try to tell the truth. If you understand it. If you know what it is.

You might tell a few fibs along the way. But if you’re not telling the whole truth, is it ok if your 5-year-old child isn’t either?

Recently a fantasy world has felt like a much better alternative, but if there is a line, where do you draw it? This verbatim piece explores the relationship between a parent and child, between creativity, imagination and downright lies.

Image of young child holding a sign that reads 'Lie' in front of her face, against a white background.

About the Artist

Morgan Sproxton is a playwright, dramaturg and facilitator based in Bradford and originally from Hull. Her work includes A Picture of You for Birmingham Rep, Small Plans for Silent Uproar and The Whites of Their Eyes for Hull Truck Theatre.

She specialises in creating work for young people and exploring working class and female experience.