Richard Ely, Inappropriate Intimacies


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About the Micro-Commission

A correspondence between two or more people can be straightforward, or it can be oblique.  Or: it can be baffling – just as you think you’ve cracked the code and you know what’s going on, what you’d taken for certainties dissolve into mystery.  Over a period, a correspondence can tell a story – and not always a linear story, as the correspondents grow (or appear to grow) in familiarity, divulge things they may later regret, keep their secrets, or just ‘pretend’. 

            The correspondents whom we meet here do all of that, and more.  We’re never entirely sure what part of their story (if any) is truth and what part is invention; maybe they’re not sure themselves?  But as we follow the story, the shifting perspectives they have of each other are matched by those we have of them. 

Image of a man facing the camera

About the Artist

Richard Ely is a writer and actor based in Cheshire. Among his performed works are Especially The Latter Part and Wagner: Journey Into Genius, both of which he has successfully toured throughout Britain. His play Beheading A Lady was premiered at the Buxton Festival in 2011. More recently, his drama Verisimilitude was given an online performance in summer 2020 and his short story An Allegory was read on BBC Radio Sheffield in the autumn of that year. Previous literary collaborations have included projects with the Company of Singers & Players and Arc Theatre.