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Hob Moor

Hannah Davies and Henry Raby are part of Say Owt, a gobby collective of poets putting on exciting live events in York. Though they’ve been a bit starved for live events recently! This piece is all about connection and our relationship with the natural world. On the eve of lockdown, a character squelches across York’s Hob Moor. He experiences both the bogginess and the wildlife of the moor. He reflects on the people he’s said goodbye to and the people who use the moor as a meeting place. Hob Moor speaks back, ushering him home. Recorded outside, the poem is a collaborative experiment. Fusing Henry and Hannah’s distinctive styles to create something they believe is full of heart and hope as we meander through both the natural world, and difficult times.

About the Artists

Henry Raby and Hannah Davies are part of York’s Say Owt, a gobby collective of word-slingers. They fuse sharp slam-winning style with a keen, impassioned eye for life’s small details.

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