‘Duped,’ is an audio/ visual collage of collected phone footage. The collage is a literal and figurative reflection of the natural world surrounding the Leeds-Liverpool canal. The film has been edited to mirror itself, resembling a moving Rorschach test. Reflections are layered, displaying the natural surroundings alongside the man made elements and detritus which insert themselves into the water. The accompanying audio samples are reflective of the history of the canal as a place of industry as well as a place of natural respite from the surrounding urban environment. The piece aims to be deceptive in its captured reality, creating moments which offer up the natural world in terms of the man made artifice that surrounds it.

About the Artist

My name is Silka Guy and I come from a few places. Born in South Africa in 1993, a year before the apartheid ended. I immigrated with my family to New Zealand when I was seventeen, where I studied and completed a degree in English and Psychology at the University of Auckland. With a deep interest in people, cultures, food and connections I wasn’t satiated with academic life and like many people I travelled.

On the move for many years, I am still learning and exploring how to reveal the themes which interest me. People, connection and separation are at the centre of what I do as an immigrant, I have lived with a malleable sense of what home was and is.

Recently starting a Bachelors In Design from Auckland University of Technology I began my journey into the field of 3D Printing as well as wood block and screen printing.

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