‘Push/Pull: Bluespace’

Push/Pull: Bluespace is a new piece of sonic art-composition by Harry Ovington. The piece details and explores the physical and mental benefits of being connected to bodies of water and bluespaces. Bluespace is a term referring to any location which incorporates water as part of the landscape. This could be in the form of: the ocean, a lake or pond, or even a water feature within a town or city landscape. The proven benefits of proximity to bluespaces are reduced stress/anxiety or a heightened inclination to exercise within the water. These spaces also contribute to a better personal wellbeing due to an increased ecological/ environmental awareness. This piece of composition develops on these ideas by presenting the sonic characteristics of bluespaces in combination with environmental datasets which detail the recent tidal shifts around the UK’s coastline.

The process

Field recordings of bluespaces around the Calderdale Valley, West Yorkshire were captured using a variety of microphones and hydrophones. These recordings took place in early 2021 and span a period of time where these bodies of water froze over and thawed out again. All through this period, Harry continued to swim within these spaces whilst the microphones captured the result of his interactions with the water. The field recordings also detail the sonic characteristics of wildlife within these spaces.

About the Artist

Harry Ovington is a composer and sound-artist based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Through varying applications of composition, the basis for his work is to continually pursue means of connecting audiences to nature and ecological awareness.

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