Festival Strands

Speech bubbles with ??? inside each

Unreliable Narratives

Over the past decade, there has been an increasing amount of information available to digest. From people sharing their opinions on social media, to news and media outlets saturating our screens. Who and what should we believe? The ILF 2021 programme tackles these questions, from unreliable narrators in crime thrillers, to how historical sources affect our understanding of history, and more

Jigsaw pieces fitted together


We all like to belong. Whether it’s to a religion, a country, a community, a political movement, a family or a book club. But what does it mean to belong, and what happens when we don’t feel that sense of belonging? Explore these questions and the concept of belonging in discussions around migration, heritage, history, identity and society, through novels, poetry, non-fiction and commissions

Silhouettes of three women

Pioneering Women

Anne Lister blazed a trail for lesbian and queer women. Hillary Rodham Clinton was the first woman to be nominated for the US Presidency by a major political party. Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a poet, abolitionist, and activist for children’s rights. ILF 2021 looks at the lives of these and other pioneering women through fiction and biography, examining how they paved the way for others and brought change to the world.

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