The Haunting: Ghosts of Every Shade at ILF16

Simon Armitage reads his new ghost story, Elven Elms as part of The Haunting: Ghosts of Every Shades a thrilling, chilling, reflective and sometimes probing series of events and commissions exploring the ideas of ghosts and hauntings through poetry, performance, visual arts, dance and more, run by our partners Alchemy.

If you missed out out seeing these events, or simply want to relive them, here are some of the highlights.

Simon Armitage reads specially commissioned ghost story, Eleven Elms. Settle down and enjoy this very creepy tale!

Imtaiz Dharker reads from her specially commissioned work exploring the theme of haunting, against a backdrop of her own images.

Actor and scholar Joe Williams’ basso profundo tones will thrill and chill you as he reads ghost stories from around the world interwoven with music from Jonnie Khan.

You can watch more videos from the Haunting project, including performances by Rommi Smith and John Siddique here.


All filming by Cut and Splice on Vimeo.

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