The Quality of Silence: Rosamund Lupton reviewed by Lynn Curruthers

We had a blast at Ilkley Playhouse last night for our annual book club trip to Ilkley Literature Festival. This year we went to see author Rosamund Lupton talk to local author and poet James Nash about her latest novel The Quality of Silence. As fans of the three novels she’s published so far, we were fascinated to hear how and where she gained her inpiration for them, and as mothers ourselves, inspired how she managed to actually get down and write them, within the usual hectic schedule of family life.

Turns out there is quite a lot of Rosamund herself in her latest novel as it is a thriller based around a mother and her deaf, hand signing daughter. Rosamund explained that she had been deaf for some time herself as a child, and is still deaf in one ear. The session was supported by an impressive sign language interpreter who also added to the theme, as it was fascinating to be made aware of some of the signs used for particular words and concepts used in the session.

With a trip to the bar both before and after the session, a good time was had by all – we cant wait for our next trip!

Lynn Curruthers is part of A Novel Idea Book Club